As İsmarine Shipping Agency, we believe that continuum of our own values is the key to success. We know that our values will become your added-value.

Leadership: Someone must lead and clear the way in order for others to follow. In sector, we set off on our journey to lead the way and we never let our determination down.

Facileness / Flexibility: The way that facilitates the life must be flexible by its very nature. We have become analytical experts on field of flexibility in order to facilitate your life.

Privilege: For us, the definition of privilege is to provide service by knowing that each customer has his own private needs. Our goal is to get all of our customers experience this privileged service.

 Solution-Oriented Thinking: It is easy to put a problem into words. What difficult is to provide a solution. With all our energy we focus on solutions.

Empathy: Producing solution requires understanding before anything else. We listen to you in order to understand your needs and we work in order to produce the best solution for you.

Satisfaction: A system of which everything goes well must always get feedback. We enjoy improving together while surveying your satisfaction.

Consistency: One of the key factors of forming a reliable platform is consistency. For us, standing behind our word is minding our business. Because our work is our promise.